Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Onion 20026 in Sophie

Last Fall, I came across a post on Sew Pretty Dresses showing this onion dress.  I loved the look of the pattern and decided to order one to make dresses for K*.

The dress was easy to sew together and I loved having my serger to finish all the seams with.  Nothing was too tricky and I just spent a little time here and there sewing it over the course of a week.  I will definately be making more.  Maybe some tunic length, some with binding on the sleeves, thin binding on the bottom, the pattern also has a long sleeve option. Lots of options for slight variations.  I made this dress according to the pattern/directions {the only change being the waist tie I added at the end} just so I could see how it went together without any modifications.
And after sewing this dress and S*'s pjs for Christmas that use buttons, I've decided when it comes to buttons or a zipper, I think buttons might be my favorite of the two.  Why have I avoided buttons for so long?  So far they have caused me far less grief than zippers have.  Which is a bit funny 'cause sewing button holes seemed "scary-ish" until I got over it when I made S*'s pjs in December.

Yesterday it was a bit windy when I tried to take pictures of the dress, so today I had K* wear it so I could snap a few shots.  She wanted to wear her jeans and not the leggings I suggested, so I just let her be. 
The leaf pile was calling her name to play in....

Pattern: Onion 20026
I made a size 5/6 for my average size 6 yr old
The pattern doesn't come in English, but I was emailed an English translation of the pattern instructions with my purchase
Fabric: Sophie by Chez Moi for Moda

And, because maybe only my sister and mom might understand me, I'm mailing this dress to my niece in Utah.  I love the dress pattern, I love the colors of the fabric, but I don't love the main fabric print.  I tried to step out of my comfort zone a tiny bit when I bought the print, and kept telling myself, "I like all the colors, I like all the colors, and some of the flowers", but I just don't love it still, even though I know it looks cute all finished. K* is my only girl.  She's my life size doll whether she likes it or not, so I want to dress her in things that I really like as long as she'll let me. Yes, I'm quirky.  So with another reason/excuse to sew, I'll make K* another one {or five} and hopefully my sister wasn't lieing when she said she liked this one.

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Wendy said...

I do love it, I wasn't lieing!