Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Family name {conversation hearts}

Family name conversation hearts

Last week when I was painting the birthday blocks, I also painted these conversation hearts.  I copied the idea from a pin on pinterest from the peanut paint shop.  I found the hearts at Hobby Lobby for $1.50 each.  I have been trying to be good and use the crafty supplies I already have.  So, I picked the paint colors I had on hand that would work best and didn't spend time trying to mix colors together to get a better color, I just went with it.  The colors are: lemon chiffon, heather, baby blue, and think pink.  I cut our names out of burgundy vinyl using the font poornut.  Then I used C*'s stapler from the garage to attach white grosgrain ribbon to the backs of the hearts, my grommet thingy to make a place in the ribbon to hang it on a nail and pinned a bow on it. Ta da!  It was fun to make (and pretty simple too).  It's hanging in our little hallway near the kitchen, so it was a bit tricky to get a decent picture.
After hanging it up, I think I should have made the names a bit bigger and I wish the vinyl was a bit redder/brighter so a red ribbon would match.  Oh well, I can always change it next year.

Aren't tulips just so happy!
A friend gave these to me for my birthday and I just love them.  They make my kitchen/table look happier and add to my Valentine decor.

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