Saturday, June 16, 2012

A grandfather is...

My SIL (she's in Utah, we're in Texas) called me up Thursday wondering if I thought we could get something like this put together for our FIL in time for Father's Day/his birthday.  Well, I'm happy to show you we did!

The frame opening is 12x24 (from Hobby Lobby) with a cream mat board for the background and foam board for the backing.  The pictures are 3x5's mounted on foam board so that they stand out from the background. The grandfather saying is brown vinyl in the font gabriola.  I tried to snap a decent photo of it in the lovely evening, indoor lighting in my living room.

I'm really happy with how it turned out and am excited to give it to my FIL tomorrow.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

String Art

For a fun, crafty project today I helped the kids make some simple string art.  We actually made string art hearts at activity days yesterday as a present the girls can give their fathers on Father's Day.  The other leader did all the planning and supply gathering for this one.  So I just basically showed up, helped out and went home with some of the leftovers.  How easy for me.  Anyway, the kids had a great time.  We dashed outside to snap a few shots right as it started raining.  Yay for rain!


We used foam boards instead of wood to make things easier at activity days.  That way you can just push the nails in instead of using a hammer.  The thread is varigated to give it some visual interest.  For activity days, ribbon was hot glued around the edges to give it a more finished look.

Some ideas from pinterest found here, here and here.

There are lots of ideas for shapes, words, states and all sorts of string art on the internet.  Funny thing is earlier this year I saw a pin for string art words and I thought about making something and never did, maybe now I will, it's so fun.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Farmdale Blossom Skirt

Here's the skirt I started a little over a month ago.  I finished it up Saturday night and wore it to church Sunday.  I love this fabric, I bought it at JoAnn's last year.  When I was in line to get some other fabric cut, I noticed it sitting in a cart with the plastic still wrapped around the bolt, it hadn't even been put on the shelf yet. Little did I know I should have bought more.  It's Farmdale Blossom in Turquoise by Alexander Henry.
I used a favorite skirt in my closet and the book, Sew What Skirts, to draft a pattern.  I thought all was going well until I tried it on and it was 8+ inches too big!  I guess when I was drafting my pattern, all pattern and math sense left me.  I was worried about making it too tight and was a bit too generous with the pattern ease, obviously.  Adding two inches onto my pattern, really meant I was adding, you got it 8 inches.  I tried to fix it by adding the middle, pleat, making five pleats instead of the four I had so carefully, evenly space.  I also took the sides in.  I thought all was well, once again, and even though it was a little loose still, I decided to leave it alone and finish it.  It then took me a few weeks to get around to the lining.  Not that it really needed a full lining, but that was my plan to make finishing the top of the skirt easy.  I just was a bit deflated at the sizing issue and didn't finish the lining up quickly.  Well, after wearing it to church, it's still too big.  A bit too big to just leave.  And I don't intend on growing into it.  So sometime this summer you may see my "pickiness" at it's "best".  I have thoughts of unpicking it all and starting over, I guess I like the fabric that much.  I would just turn it into a skirt for K* if I could find some more for myself, but that print in turquoise is hard to find now.  Looking back, I should have unpicked the pleats when I first realized it was too big and not tried to just make it work.  Oh well.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer PJs

Summer PJs

Oliver + S Bedtime Story PJ top modified to have short sleeves, and a snap on the inside and a cute heart button on the outside instead of the ties called for in the pattern.
New Look 6746 for the PJ bottoms.
 The flower fabric is Tea Party by David Walker for Free Spirit. I already had the pink polka dots in my stash, I think I bought it at Jo Ann's last year in the nursery print area.  
This pair is just like the pair I made for K*'s friend, mentioned in a previous post, only a size bigger.  The fabric colors in the photo in the previous post are better.

I made these PJ pants at the same time I made the above PJs over a week and a half ago, but I just really couldn't decide on a shape for the tee shirt applique.  I finally decided to just make it super simple and picked between stars or an elephant.  Then I went with the stars due to the straight lines being easier.  Maybe I'll be more adventurous/creative on a future applique.   I let K* help decide where to place the stars yesterday evening so she could finally wear them to bed.  She's been wearing the other pair since I finished them.
New Look 6746 for the PJ bottoms.
The striped fabric is Grow with Me for Moda and the purple fabric with tiny white dots I bought at Joann's to match the purple in the stripes.