Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Farmdale Blossom Skirt

Here's the skirt I started a little over a month ago.  I finished it up Saturday night and wore it to church Sunday.  I love this fabric, I bought it at JoAnn's last year.  When I was in line to get some other fabric cut, I noticed it sitting in a cart with the plastic still wrapped around the bolt, it hadn't even been put on the shelf yet. Little did I know I should have bought more.  It's Farmdale Blossom in Turquoise by Alexander Henry.
I used a favorite skirt in my closet and the book, Sew What Skirts, to draft a pattern.  I thought all was going well until I tried it on and it was 8+ inches too big!  I guess when I was drafting my pattern, all pattern and math sense left me.  I was worried about making it too tight and was a bit too generous with the pattern ease, obviously.  Adding two inches onto my pattern, really meant I was adding, you got it 8 inches.  I tried to fix it by adding the middle, pleat, making five pleats instead of the four I had so carefully, evenly space.  I also took the sides in.  I thought all was well, once again, and even though it was a little loose still, I decided to leave it alone and finish it.  It then took me a few weeks to get around to the lining.  Not that it really needed a full lining, but that was my plan to make finishing the top of the skirt easy.  I just was a bit deflated at the sizing issue and didn't finish the lining up quickly.  Well, after wearing it to church, it's still too big.  A bit too big to just leave.  And I don't intend on growing into it.  So sometime this summer you may see my "pickiness" at it's "best".  I have thoughts of unpicking it all and starting over, I guess I like the fabric that much.  I would just turn it into a skirt for K* if I could find some more for myself, but that print in turquoise is hard to find now.  Looking back, I should have unpicked the pleats when I first realized it was too big and not tried to just make it work.  Oh well.

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Mel said...

it's very cute. I love the fabric and the pleats. I hope you can find a way to make it fit -- would be a shame not to wear it!