Monday, July 16, 2012

Weaver String Art

I finished this string art for hubby today to take to his office.  I actually meant to make it for Father's Day, but things got a little busy.  I also decided to find a different frame from the first one I brought home.  This frame is from walmart and I used cork with foam board behind it for the backing.  I also glued the original back on that came with the frame to make it look more finished on the back.  My fingers were a bit tender after pushing all the nails in. Before the string was added I stood looking at all the nails wondering what on earth was I doing and what was it going to look like.  But I think it turned out okay, not too embarrassing to hang up at work, right?  I got the idea after a friend B* pinned some string art on pinterest earlier in the year.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

For Sale

Well, A LOT has happened since Father's Day.
We decided to put our house up for sale.
The kids and I started cleaning up & dejunking the house and yard on Tuesday, June 26th in order to have it ready to list on Tuesday, July 3rd.  Crazy.  And to make it even crazier, we received an offer on Saturday, July 7th in the evening, by the first person to look at our house (which occurred earlier in the day).  We decided to go with it and have our fingers crossed that it really works out.  If it does, we have a closing date for July 30th set up.   So we may be packing up and moving out by the end of the month.  This is all happening so fast it's hard to catch my breath sometimes.  Our plan is to stay in the area, we decided that it would be nice to find something with a little more space than we currently have (an office/craft room would be SO nice)(oh, and room for food storage). 
We've lived in our cute, little house for almost 12 years!  Time sure does fly. C* and I had this house built and moved into it about a year after we moved to H*.   I'm a little sad in some ways to sale it as there are many things about our house that I really do love.  It may also seem a little harder since we haven't found our new house yet, so there's not something concrete to look forward to (hopefully that changes soon).
I love K*'s room, I love the view of the greenbelt trees out back, and now that my room is dejunked, I love it again, the happy yellow paint in my bathroom, the tiles C* laid in the entry for me, my new-ish living room curtains and curtain rods, the list could go on.

So needless to say, all my craft and sewing projects have been packed away.  I hope to pull a few small ones out.  Maybe the capes for the kids.  They were asking about them again today.  And well, blog posts will be scarce in the coming weeks (hopefully not months).