Monday, March 19, 2012

She likes the bow in the back

After coming home from school, K* saw the dress all ready to wear (finally) and asked right away if she could put it on.  And she wants to wear it to school tomorrow too.  I'm glad she likes it.  It had already rained a little bit, so I had her stand on her bed for a few quick pictures.
Are another dozen or so of these too many?  I'm thinking of making one more of a shirt/tunic length.

Pam Kitty Morning Rose Buttons Dress

Well, here's the dress I finished for K* over a week ago.  I thought I'd have time to sew up the bow sash/belt during Spring break, but I didn't get to it.  So, this morning I got to it and finished it up.  It's overcast again today, supposed to rain tomorrow, so the pictures aren't as colorful as I'd like.

Behind the bow, there is a button and button hole hidding, so K* can take it on and off herself, no tieing necessary.  I hope when it's on her it works out alright and that the weight of the bow doesn't pull the sash down too much.  I also hope it looks better on her than hanging on the hanger.  The fabric has a little more weight/stiffness than the last onion 20026 I sewed, so it doesn't hang/drape the same.  And maybe I'll get a shot of her actually wearing it, but the time after school just seems to fly by so fast and I don't usually get around to things like that while it's light enough outside.

The white fabric is actually a white on white print, but you can't really tell unless you're really close up.

Fabric: Pam Kitty Morning Rose Buttons for Lakehouse Dry Goods
Pattern: Onion 20026

Well, this week I hope to bind a quilt and finish up several skirts I have in various stages I had prepared to show at the skirt sewing class from March 6th.  I also have some fabric on its way in the mail for another quilt (a gift) and some apron fabric, which I am really excited about.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Today I finished straight line machine quilting this quilt.  I started the quilt last May as a gift for a family member.  I'm so glad that I got going on it again and all that's left is the binding.  Yay!  I used Make Life fabric by Sweetwater and modified a pattern from Camille Roskelley's book Simplify.

This is a peek at the dress I finished up for K* last night.  All I have left is to make a sash/belt of some sort for it out of the white fabric.  She requested there be a bow on it too. The fabric is Pam Kitty Buttons and the pattern is Onion 20026.  I'll post more pics later when it's totally done and the lighting is better and it's not raining.

And this is a quilt I'm ready to get back to.  I started it just over two years ago for K*.  I love the fabrics, they're just so sweet.  The blocks are all pieced and sewn together, now on to the borders.   I've had some trouble finding the right solid pink for the border, but I'm feeling like giving it a shot again since I last tried last summer.  Wish me luck in finally finding the right pink.
Fabric is Supporting Cast by Northcott and the pattern is Sweet Sixteen by Black Cat Creations.

On Tuesday night, I showed a group of ladies from church how I make skirts.  11 people showed up, which wasn't everyone who signed up, but it might have been too many had there been more.  I hope I was able to explain things clearly and not scare anyone away from making skirts for little girls.  I have three or four sample skirts that I left in various stages of the construction process for that night, so I hope to get those finished soon, along with all the other things I'd love to sew before summer.  How many skirts is too many for one little cutie??  I have not only the sample ones but a few others planned for Spring.  Why does there have to be so much cute fabric!?!  Maybe some friends and nieces will be getting new skirts too. 
I was a little stressed out about writing up the fabric requirements and sewing instructions, making sure all my math and cutting measurements were correct, I hope in the end I got things mostly right.