Monday, March 19, 2012

Pam Kitty Morning Rose Buttons Dress

Well, here's the dress I finished for K* over a week ago.  I thought I'd have time to sew up the bow sash/belt during Spring break, but I didn't get to it.  So, this morning I got to it and finished it up.  It's overcast again today, supposed to rain tomorrow, so the pictures aren't as colorful as I'd like.

Behind the bow, there is a button and button hole hidding, so K* can take it on and off herself, no tieing necessary.  I hope when it's on her it works out alright and that the weight of the bow doesn't pull the sash down too much.  I also hope it looks better on her than hanging on the hanger.  The fabric has a little more weight/stiffness than the last onion 20026 I sewed, so it doesn't hang/drape the same.  And maybe I'll get a shot of her actually wearing it, but the time after school just seems to fly by so fast and I don't usually get around to things like that while it's light enough outside.

The white fabric is actually a white on white print, but you can't really tell unless you're really close up.

Fabric: Pam Kitty Morning Rose Buttons for Lakehouse Dry Goods
Pattern: Onion 20026

Well, this week I hope to bind a quilt and finish up several skirts I have in various stages I had prepared to show at the skirt sewing class from March 6th.  I also have some fabric on its way in the mail for another quilt (a gift) and some apron fabric, which I am really excited about.