Monday, May 28, 2012

Hair bows

Tonight, I tried out making hair bows to match a shirt K* is wearing to school tomorrow.  I bought several shirts from one of the gymboree spring collections this year that has tulips and want ribbon hair bows to match.  I remember seeing someone pin this way of making bows on pinterest, but I can't seem to find it now and I didn't take pics of the step by step process, but hopefully these pics will give you an idea of how I made them.  I wasn't sure what would look better, on the blue cutting mat or my bed, so you get both.
The ribbon is from Jo Ann's, already had it in my stash yay!  It's 7/8" SHKPINK 5.  The hair bows are about 3 1/4" wide.  Gluing the bows onto the metal clip is the hardest part IMO.  I'm pretty happy with how they turned out for a first try.  Okay, I did try to make an orange pair in the Fall to match some things I sewed for K* but I hated how they looked, so I'm not counting them.

I came across a different way on pinterest that I might try but it looks more involved, there are a lot of ways to do it if you search for hair bow tutorials. 

Pencil Roll & PJs

One of K*'s little friends had a birthday party on Friday afternoon, so I whipped these up during the week as a gift. 
A pencil roll using one of my favorite fabric lines for cute girly stuff, Hoo's in the Forest by Riley Blake. I timed myself this time when making the pencil roll, from getting the fabric out and cutting it to finishing stitching the last pencil "pocket" line, just over an hour.
And a pair of pjs using the Oliver + S bedtime story top and New Look 6746 for the bottoms.  The flower fabric is Tea Party by David Walker for Free Spirit.  I already had the pink polka dots in my stash, I think I bought it at Jo Ann's last year in the nursery print area.   I did a snap on the inside of the pj top and a cute heart button on the outside, rather than the ties called for in the pattern. 
I also made a pair of pjs for K* out of the exact same fabrics. And not to pat myself on the back or anything, but as I was making the two pairs of pjs, no unpicking needed until the very end on a button hole that just didn't turn out right due to some fabric bulk.  It felt really good to not mess up.  I'll post K*'s pjs later as I also made her another pair with a tee shirt I need to finish deciding on an applique for. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer Reading Log & Ribbon Bookmark

For activity days this week we made:

Reading log from Simple as That
Book of Mormon reading chart from Food Storage and Beyond
The reading log cards are about 4x5.
I used paper from a solid colored card stock paper pack from Michael's called soda pop for the pocket holders.

Ribbon bookmark from Court Could Make That

Very easy.
 One of those projects that takes longer to gather the supplies than to actually make.  I cut my ribbon about 16 inches.  It seemed to fit most of the books in S*'s collection.
Today, I was thinking about the ribbon book marks and thought that more buttons could be added to accommodate a wider variety of book sizes.  Maybe two or three buttons total.   That could be cute, maybe I'll try it out.

A few weeks ago, for Mother's Day gifts, we made little clay dishes out of air dry clay.  I just cut out paper doilies and other lacy like shapes with my silhouette out of card stock to roll over on the clay for the patterned imprint.  Then, two weeks later the girls painted them.  I was really disappointed with how fragile the little dishes were after they dried.  Too many of them broke.  I haven't used air dry clay before,but I didn't think it would be as fragile as it was.  I hope the girls weren't too upset if theirs broke, I know they had fun playing with the clay and rolling the designs on.   Live and learn I guess.

Pictorial found here
You can also search the web for step by step instructions in English.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wild Rice Casserole

I tried out this recipe for cheesy chicken & wild rice casserole last week

Recipe and photo from Picky Palate

And I made these crash hot potatoes Monday night.
Recipe and photo from The Pioneer Woman
I will definately be making both again in the future.  Hopefully next time, I'll have some zucchini on hand to add to the wild rice casserole.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hometown Table Runner

Here's a table runner I never posted.  I was waiting because I plan to make one for myself, this one was a gift for a friend around Christmas.  But, it's May and I haven't gotten around to sewing mine, so I figured I should post this one.
Fabric: Hometown by Sweetwater.
Other details I'll have to find later, I think I wrote the strip width down and the overall dimensions somewhere.  But, my room is still torn apart from painting, progress is slow but I am trying to be good about donating and recycling what we really don't need to keep.

And this is the fabric I'm making my skirt out of.  I hope to finish it to wear on Mother's Day.  Really all I have left is the lining.
Farmdale Blossom by Alexander Henry bought at JoAnn's.
I really wish I had bought more of this pretty fabric.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Alpine Shadow

Well,I haven't been on the computer much lately.  It was unplugged for a few days and we got a new computer. DH was/is setting up the new computer, making modifications and transferring files.  I think it's a Dell XPS 8300.  Our old Dell computer is about 9 years, it's been good to us.  I'm really excited for Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Elements 10.  DH found it on an AMAZING deal through newegg, $10!, when he bought some other computer thing that was also a great deal.  I didn't believe it until it actually arrived in the mail.

The computer was unplugged for several days because I decided to clear out our bedroom and paint it.  No small task since our bedroom is also the office, craft and "junk" rooms and has all the furniture for each of those "rooms" in it.  I ended up painting the walls an Olympic Paint color, Alpine Shadow D67-2, but got it in the Valspar signature paint at Lowe's so that if I didn't like it I could utilize their free replacement paint offer if you don't like the first color you pick.  Luckily, we did like the color 'cause it's a lot of work to paint.  Based on where I found it on the paint sample display wall, I don't think I ever would have looked at it twice at the store had we not had a sample of the shade lighter, glimmer, at home.  It's a soft, muted green color.  DH said he thinks I picked it because of the name.

Maybe I'll take a picture after I get everything moved back in and organized.  My goal is to donate, recyle, or put in the attic about half of everything I took out of our room.  We'll see how that goes.

We decided to keep our old computer and move it out into the living room for the kids to use.  DS is most excited to be able to do some FamilySearch indexing on it.  I picked up a small, simple desk at Target and they put it together on Saturday.  It's the Carson anywhere desk in the espresso color.

I do have a skirt I started sewing for myself before I started my bedroom project that is almost finished and some fabric planned for pj pants for K*, but I need to finish sorting and organinzing my room first.  And find out where all my sewing/crafting supplies are.

Today I submitted the yellow sunshine skirt I made for K* to the flickr group for the crafterhours skirt week 2012.