Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer Reading Log & Ribbon Bookmark

For activity days this week we made:

Reading log from Simple as That
Book of Mormon reading chart from Food Storage and Beyond
The reading log cards are about 4x5.
I used paper from a solid colored card stock paper pack from Michael's called soda pop for the pocket holders.

Ribbon bookmark from Court Could Make That

Very easy.
 One of those projects that takes longer to gather the supplies than to actually make.  I cut my ribbon about 16 inches.  It seemed to fit most of the books in S*'s collection.
Today, I was thinking about the ribbon book marks and thought that more buttons could be added to accommodate a wider variety of book sizes.  Maybe two or three buttons total.   That could be cute, maybe I'll try it out.

A few weeks ago, for Mother's Day gifts, we made little clay dishes out of air dry clay.  I just cut out paper doilies and other lacy like shapes with my silhouette out of card stock to roll over on the clay for the patterned imprint.  Then, two weeks later the girls painted them.  I was really disappointed with how fragile the little dishes were after they dried.  Too many of them broke.  I haven't used air dry clay before,but I didn't think it would be as fragile as it was.  I hope the girls weren't too upset if theirs broke, I know they had fun playing with the clay and rolling the designs on.   Live and learn I guess.

Pictorial found here
You can also search the web for step by step instructions in English.

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