Monday, January 10, 2011

Hair Bow Holder

My sister made this super cute hair bow holder for K* for Christmas. She painted an 18" x 24" canvas pink to match her room and then stapled various widths of pink, green and white ribbon to the back. We sooo needed something to help organize K*'s bows and this is perfect hanging up behind the door in her bedroom. You can also slide headbands onto it, but I think we'll stick to just bows for now. K* LOVES it! It's pretty easy for her to get the ones she wants and put them back. My sister made all the bows on the lefthand side too! While attaching all the bows last week, I realized several pinks ones were misplaced during Christmas vacation. Wonder what pocket, corner or spot I'll eventually find them in.........

Sunday, January 9, 2011



I bought this little key hook rack thingy way back in December of 1999 when C* & I visited some friends in Michigan. We were walking around a fun area with lots of shops and came across this fun key thingy (I think it was at anthropologie anyway since they still have one so similar to mine). Not really sure what I was going to do with it, we bought it anyway. After we moved into our house, we mounted it on a little piece of wood and hung it on the wall to hold our keys. Recently, I got to thinking it was a little sad looking and decided to mount it on a larger board. Here's the end result. I think it's a little better at least. I may sand the board more or something to give it a more weathered look, or that may happen naturally as the keys bang on it, we'll see.

Here's one more idea and another.

Felt Food

Oh My Gosh!! Have you ever searched for felt food on etsy!?!? There are so many CUTE ideas! Especially the sweets! So fun. I may have to make some more for K*.

Fall Back

Just wanted to post some of my Fall crafts from 2010. Well, technically Jen did all the work on the awesome Halloween subway art. And also trick or treat blocks. I made mine in 2009, but we used them at our RS craft night in 2010 and my mom is making a set too (if I ever mail her, her supplies). Maybe this year I can get to the Fall crafts I didn't have time for (I'm blaming not finishing on the Christmas countdown project I took on) along with the new ones I'll come across.

Thankful banner from RS craft night.

Terra cotta candy corn pots for teachers, friends & neighbors.

And of course, I LOVE to put vinyl words on my glass front door.

I also thought I'd share my new favorite pie crust recipe, Paula's Perfect Pie Crust, from Paula Deen. It's a good one, one of the best I've made. I'm no expert, but I like to make pies, especially apple, and just haven't felt like I've had a great crust for living in Houston until now. I know, I know, it took 11 years to figure it out.

Christmas Countdown

In 2008, I made this Christmas countdown for my kids.

It all started with our big, yearly RS craft night that I always look forward to. One of the projects that night was framed magnet boards decorated with cute scrapbook paper. I came home and searched the internet for a smaller frame to make one for my mom. Of course, I came across so many great ideas for what to do with a framed magnet board, and this countdown featured on CreativeXpress was one of them.
I got everything together, had my sister cut some things out with her cricut, tried several red paints, went back and forth on what paper to use and finally finished it up not too long before Christmas. I posted my crafty countdown on my blog and two years later after several requests, we made it at our RS craft night in Oct 2010. I must say, I was flattered that so many liked my idea enough to make it for their own homes (Colby doesn't really care for it, so it was nice to feel like it was "cool"). There were over 30 of them in two different sizes!! It ended up being A LOT of work. The frame I used was no longer available, so I had to come up with an alternative but similar idea. I ended up going with MDF squares (for cost & ease of cutting) with sheets of steel glued down. I hope everyone was able to finish and is happy with theirs. Things/I got a little crazy at the end and it became a bit consuming of my time. I never could have put everything together without the help of some awesome friends (& their hubbies).