Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fall Back

Just wanted to post some of my Fall crafts from 2010. Well, technically Jen did all the work on the awesome Halloween subway art. And also trick or treat blocks. I made mine in 2009, but we used them at our RS craft night in 2010 and my mom is making a set too (if I ever mail her, her supplies). Maybe this year I can get to the Fall crafts I didn't have time for (I'm blaming not finishing on the Christmas countdown project I took on) along with the new ones I'll come across.

Thankful banner from RS craft night.

Terra cotta candy corn pots for teachers, friends & neighbors.

And of course, I LOVE to put vinyl words on my glass front door.

I also thought I'd share my new favorite pie crust recipe, Paula's Perfect Pie Crust, from Paula Deen. It's a good one, one of the best I've made. I'm no expert, but I like to make pies, especially apple, and just haven't felt like I've had a great crust for living in Houston until now. I know, I know, it took 11 years to figure it out.

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