Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Felt Quiet Book: COLORS

For Christmas, I made my niece E* a felt quiet book about colors.  I was inspired by the felt color book from the turnbow family blog and using fabric letters (cut out with my silhouette, my first time cutting fabric with it!) from everyday celebrations, she has a nice tutorial for her colors quiet book.  And I like the idea of using balloons instead of flowers, found here.
K* went to JoAnn Fabrics with me one afternoon and we picked out three fabrics for each of the eleven colors.  We were a little worn out from all that coordinating/thinking.  I tried to let my sweet, seven year old pick all the fabrics out with minimal guidance (and picking from what was on sale of course), I think she did pretty good.  The felt for the flowers is from Hobby Lobby.  All the fabric, the buttons (3/4") and gray felt for the book are from JoAnn's.  The font for the color words is Pea Sarah Lynne (124 pt).  It's about 9" square.  The flowers are just over 2" across.  I used heat 'n' bond ultra on the letters and fabric rectangles to adhere them to the felt.

Activity Days: Secret Service

For our activity days activity the week before Christmas, we used this idea from the fickle pickle for secret service.  I pretty much copied what she had typed up, just a few small changes.  Fonts are Miserably Lose and GungsuhChe.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Turning Twenty made with Dear Stella's Yard Sale


Made for my SS T*
Pattern: Turning Twenty by Tricia Cribbs
Fabric: Yard Sale by Dear Stella
It's a fun, bright quilt.  I hope it fits the lime green with pink and blue that she told me liked earlier in the year.
This one was completed in a more timely manner than C*'s, I bought the fabric in Mar. 2012.  Throw in moving and all that, 9 months isn't too bad.
I machine quilted it with straight stitches using the pattern's block layout as a guide for where to stitch the lines. 
Thanks J* for holding the quilts up so I could snap some pics of them.

Sugar Rush made with Sweetwater's Make Life

Made for my SS C*.
Pattern: Modified Sugar Rush from Camille Roskelley's book Simplify.
Fabric: Make Life by Sweetwater
It only took me almost two years from the time I bought the fabric (Jan. 2011) 'til I mailed it off in time for Christmas this year.

I machine quilted it myself with straight stitches, using the layout as a guide for where to stitch the lines.  The quilt has horizontal stitching at the top and bottom and vertical stitching along the strips in the middle. 
Thanks J* for holding the quilts up so I could snap some pics of them.

Friday, December 14, 2012

M5205: Santa

Made by my mom: cute, fabric Santa using McCall's 5205.
She made one for herself last year and one for my sister this year.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wooden Nativity

Wooden Nativity for activity days activity this week.
Idea from learning to be me.

Basic Supplies:
5" 2x2
2 1/2" 2"furring strip
2x 1-1/2" ball knob
1x 1/2" furniture button
Craft paint: Grey (Americana Neutral Grey)
Peach (Americana Toffee)
Blue (Folk Art Coastal Blue)
White (Apple Barrel White)
Foam brush, sandpaper, hot glue and sisal
I wish I would have glued baby Jesus a little higher, but the hot glue was holding quite well, so I just left it after gently trying to pry it off with no success.
I don't have a total calculated cost for these yet, but we made 14 sets for about $30, which included a bag of 50 foam brushes and 400 yds of sisal for future use.  We used up almost all of the wood, 2 2x2s and 1 furring strip.  Amazingly, we only needed on bottle of each color of craft paint.  I did divide it up in little containers to help curb excessive paint waste.

Pintucked Corduroy: Take2

Last year, I made K* a red corduroy skirt with pintucks.  This year, she has another shirt that I thought would look nice if she had a red skirt to go with it, so I went with pintucks on corduroy, same color even, again.  We attended a nativity exhibit last week that she invited her teacher to.  I sewed it up during the day Thursday so she could wear it that night.

Corduroy is from JoAnn's and the skirt is based on pinkfig's girly skirt.
Pintuck inspiration from craftiness is not optional.

I didn't really get a good picture of her wearing the skirt, but here's my little cutie.
And, these two skirts from last year still fit, yay!  I even found a fun medium/bright pink shirt to go with the Christmas Candy skirt.
Haven't decided yet how I feel about the slightly more dropped waist this year.  It looks a little better since she's taller than last year.