Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wooden Nativity

Wooden Nativity for activity days activity this week.
Idea from learning to be me.

Basic Supplies:
5" 2x2
2 1/2" 2"furring strip
2x 1-1/2" ball knob
1x 1/2" furniture button
Craft paint: Grey (Americana Neutral Grey)
Peach (Americana Toffee)
Blue (Folk Art Coastal Blue)
White (Apple Barrel White)
Foam brush, sandpaper, hot glue and sisal
I wish I would have glued baby Jesus a little higher, but the hot glue was holding quite well, so I just left it after gently trying to pry it off with no success.
I don't have a total calculated cost for these yet, but we made 14 sets for about $30, which included a bag of 50 foam brushes and 400 yds of sisal for future use.  We used up almost all of the wood, 2 2x2s and 1 furring strip.  Amazingly, we only needed on bottle of each color of craft paint.  I did divide it up in little containers to help curb excessive paint waste.

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