Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Felt Quiet Book: COLORS

For Christmas, I made my niece E* a felt quiet book about colors.  I was inspired by the felt color book from the turnbow family blog and using fabric letters (cut out with my silhouette, my first time cutting fabric with it!) from everyday celebrations, she has a nice tutorial for her colors quiet book.  And I like the idea of using balloons instead of flowers, found here.
K* went to JoAnn Fabrics with me one afternoon and we picked out three fabrics for each of the eleven colors.  We were a little worn out from all that coordinating/thinking.  I tried to let my sweet, seven year old pick all the fabrics out with minimal guidance (and picking from what was on sale of course), I think she did pretty good.  The felt for the flowers is from Hobby Lobby.  All the fabric, the buttons (3/4") and gray felt for the book are from JoAnn's.  The font for the color words is Pea Sarah Lynne (124 pt).  It's about 9" square.  The flowers are just over 2" across.  I used heat 'n' bond ultra on the letters and fabric rectangles to adhere them to the felt.

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