Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Candy Skirt

Made with Riley Blake Christmas Candy fabric.  I was so excited to make/put the pink ruffle on the bottom.  It's just so fun!  And I haven't made a ruffle like that on anything for K* yet.  It won't be the last either.  I planned to make a gingerbread girl tee to go with it.  But, now I'm thinking it looks great with the pink tee plain (it's the same pink as the bottom ruffle).  If I do make an applique tee for it, I think I'll go with trees instead though.  I made the skirt to fit more than one year, so maybe I can just make a tee next year.  The pink and green are fun together.  I wasn't sure I liked the green ribbon after sewing it on at first, and thought it was either too thick or I should have left it off, but I'm liking it now.  K* is going to wear it to school tomorrow, so that will help me decide about the tee.  I laid out white leggings (it's actually cold here this week) and she came out and asked why she couldn't wear the bright pink leggings she has instead.  We'll see how things end up in the morning I guess....

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