Thursday, December 8, 2011

Framed Christmas Countdown

I made this based on a framed countdown I saw in a JoAnn holiday flyer.  I happened to already have the super cute Christmas paper and embellishments from last year (I believe by My Minds Eye).  I came across them while organizing my craft "mess" a few weeks ago.  And this was major organizing, like pull everything out, dejunk, sort, reorganize.  We don't have any spare rooms not even an office, so it all lives in our bedroom or closet and it had reached a point where things were scattered in various areas making it hard to stay on top of what was where and what I really had and I needed to get rid of a few things.  I actually didn't remember I had the cute embellishments, just the paper.  There is subtle glitter on some of the red on the paper and the embellishments.  So all I needed was a black frame on sale.  I used a square 10"x10" frame from Michaels.  Once I sat down to make it, it was fast & easy.  I wasn't sure whether to use red or white vinyl for the "days til Christmas" wording.  Still not sure.  I guess I can always change it, I did cut the white out too while I was cutting the red.  I think the font is leftovers.  I finally got to use some of the chalkboard vinyl I bought earlier this year for the circle.  So far, it seems to erase nicely each day. The paper is under the glass and everything else is on top of the glass.

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