Thursday, December 8, 2011

Merry & Bright block

I made four of these Merry & Bright blocks at our church craft night in the beginning of November.  Two red (alizarin crimson) and two green (forest green).  I gave the green away already before snapping a shot of one.  It was hard to decide what color to keep for myself.   I also can't decided if I want to sand the edges of mine, but I think I will then I won't care if it gets dings in it in the future.
Used Silhouette to design and cut it out of white vinyl.  The font is century.  The tree is a silhouette shape artsy_christmas_tree_pyramid box_C01085_19210. It measures 5 1/4"h by 6"w.
I was excited we made this as a craft at our craft night, because I had already started designing it to make my own, but by making it at the craft night, I actually didn't have to cut out the wood or the vinyl, pick out paint colors, or run around buying anything, the sweet friend in charge did all the hard work.
I originally saw the idea at The House of Smith Designs.

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