Monday, February 13, 2012

Goldfish Valentines

got the idea for these goldfish valentines at faboolous

Last week I bought some mini bags of goldfish at Target for the kids to hand out at school on Valentine's day.  I was looking for swedish fish, but decided this would be a better option.  On Friday I figured I better get going on the valentine part, so I turned these drawings into silhouette files for my silhouette to cut out using the trace function.  I've never done that before and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.  I finally created my own silhouette file!  I started out with it as a fishbowl card, but that was going to use up a lot more white paper, so I made tags instead.  And it was really nice to not cut out 40 fishbowls & water and 80+ small goldfish by hand.  The font for "glad we're in the same school" is pea noodles.

Saturday, I had the kids write their classmates names on the front and then their own name on the back under the "school" saying.
Staple them to a valentine mini bag of goldfish and we're set.

Some free printable ideas here, here and here.  I know there are loads of other ideas and freebies out there, but I thought I'd just mention these few since they were found through the site I got the goldfish idea from.

Oh Yeah.  I also made these two valentine cards really quick Thursday (15 minutes before school got out) so my kids could mail them to their aunt on our way home from piano.  I copied a pin on pinterest to make them(or see below).  I can see how red (or any color) not white is a better choice for the paper the peeks through the hearts.  But they were quick, easy and cute as I was heading out the door.

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