Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happiness in Family Life & Other Activity Day Ideas

This week for our activity day activity, we are making these wooden blocks as a Mother's Day gift.
I first saw the idea at ldsactivitydayideas. There is a free download for the quote, making it super easy for that part: print & cut.
The wood blocks are 5 1/2 in. by 7 in. painted with matte black craft paint.  The paper is a light cream, cut to 5 in. sq.  I lightly distressed the edges with walnut stain distressing ink.  The ribbon is a light cream 5/8 in. grosgrain from HobbyLobby about 35 in. to leave plenty of room for a bow or to trim however the girls would like it to be.

Another cute version found at strawberrypearlstudios.
I am also going to print out scripture stickers like the ones at meckmom (I bought the sticker paper from her etsy shop).  I downloaded the most current edition of The Family a Proclamation to the World  and converted it to black & white to use.
In April, we did a scavenger hunt based on the 13th Article of Faith/My Gospel Standards inspired by this one at abushelandapeck. I changed/added a few things for our scavenger hunt and had some things printed off from For the Strength of the Youth that went along with the categories.  We also used a sudoku puzzle, a crossword puzzle and a page from the Friend on the 13th Article of Faith.
Also this from the New Era and this from a General Young Women meeting.
In April we also had an activity about budgeting.  The girls brought a plastic container to label to use as a place to save money for a certain item they'd like to earn and save money for.  We talked about several categories they should think about allocating money to: savings, tithing/fast offerings/mission fund, saving for an item and spending money.
We also played a game where we brought several items and had them write down how much they thought each item cost to give them an idea of how much items they use daily/weekly really cost.  This idea was also inspired by blogs with LDS activity day ideas.
Some articles we used were:
Other activities we've had this year include:
We gave them a small bag and a few items and forms to start a babysitting kit.  We went over things they should do & ask about when someone asks the to babysit, what information to make sure they have while they are babysitting and just some general things that are a good idea to do & be aware of while they are babysitting.
Some ideas:
The Sacrament.
Based on the conference talk Blessings of the Sacrament.  We actually watched a video clip of Elder Clarke giving the talk.  We discussed ways to be more reverent each Sunday.
I made a handout with the main points from the talk.
Missionary Night.
We invited the sister missionaries to meet with us and tell the girls a bit about serving a mission and to answer some of their questions.
We also had the girls write to the missionaries from our ward.
Personality posters & washer jewelry.
We had a poster board taped on the wall for each girl, had her stand in front of it and traced around her head and shoulders.  Then everyone went around writing things they liked about one another on each other's posters.  I then took a photo of each girl in front of her written on poster.
While I was snapping pictures, the girls made washer necklaces & bracelets with cute scrapbook paper.
Idea from here.
The other leader I work with is a talented musician.  She went over some music and music leading basics with the girls and we played a game about some of the musical items we went over to see if the girls could recognize what they were.  We also practiced the song I'm learning the Ways of Jesus to sing in sacrament meeting. 
These have also been great to use for family home evening ideas.

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