Wednesday, April 24, 2013

sewing projects for New Beginnings

I made a cute banner for our New Beginnings decor!  I used the colors for the values, and most of it was from fabric donated by a sister in the ward.  I had white in my stash, and had to buy a bit of orange.

The theme this year is "Stand in Holy Places" so we had each girl bring a pair of shoes from something they did that tied to a PP value.  They brought shoes they wore to their first temple trip, or shoes worn during service activites, etc.  I used little baby shoes in each value color as display.  (except I forgot the shoes at home for Good Works, darn!)

The nice thing about church activities down here in Argentina is that the expectations are low. Pretty much anything you do is super appreciated. It makes me think of all the fluff we do in the states that we think is important. :) 

I also made some book holders for the girls so they can keep their PP book, journal, a pen and strength of youth together.  The YW were super excited and now maybe they can keep track of their stuff and keep working on it!!  The tutorial came from pinterest...
I didn't want to do the ribbon, cuz I knew it would get knotted and frayed and wrinkled.  So I just sewed on some velcro and glued a big decorative button on top.  It ended up taking me like an hour for each one.  I did one step for 6 of them at a time, but it took forever!  Plus, I kept messing up and having to un-pick.  Will I ever grow out of that?? 

Sarah cried her eyes out and said I never make her cool things.  Seriously??  I made her something very similar for her to keep her journal in at school.  I get no credit around here! 


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ckwarr said...

Those personal progress book holders are awesome!!