Wednesday, April 24, 2013

easter bags

Every Easter, I always wish my kids had big easter bags for egg hunts. Baskets just don't work well, especially in big groups of scrambling kids.  So this year, the night before an Easter egg hunt at a church near here, I busted out some cute bags.  They certainly aren't perfect, but I guess I think they're kinda cute.  I can't believe I've lived my life without getting into applique!  It's so fun and relatively easy for a big impact.  :)

Best part of this project:  FREE!  I made these from supplies in my stash ... bags made from curtains I trimmed and hemmed, the rest of the scraps are just from the endless pile! :)

1 comment:

ckwarr said...

Super cute! I always think the same thing about baskets at egg hunts too.