Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pants to Capris

Just a quick, brief picture "tutorial" of how K* and I turned a pair of her jeans into capris Monday morning.
She asked me if I could turn more of her jeans into capris the next day.  All things considered our May in Houston has been "mild", but it is definitely heating up and I don't think her jeans will fit length wise into the Fall much {and I already have the next size up waiting in the closet}, so I think I'll tackle a few more asap.
I used another pair of capri pants she already had to gauge the length and added 1/2 inch for seam allowance.  I cut the cuffs at about 2 inches.  I lightly stretched the bottom leg opening to fit the cuffs while I was sewing {matching up the side seams as best I could by pinning before sewing} because the cuff opening was a bit larger than the leg opening. After turning them right side out, I tacked the cuffs down in a few spots to keep them rolled up. No raw edges showing!

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