Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rapunzel's Hair

Storybook day at school this year.
It was even cool enough to need long sleeves, which K* was not happy about until I pointed out that in the movie Tangled she actually has thin long sleeves.  Then it was all good.
We are going with the same costumes as last year at this point.  I wanted to make Strawberry Shortcake several weeks ago, but K* wanted to wear Rapunzel, so I said okay.  Glad she likes it so much though.  Then on Thursday, she asked me about Strawberry Shortcake and then there is a discussion about her telling me she wanted to wear Rapunzel so I didn't make Strawberry Shortcake that ended with me buying some fabric online that I hope comes in time for me to meet the Halloween deadline, thought it's not looking likely.  Had I not already wanted to make Strawberry Shortcake, or if she had asked to be something else, I probably would have told her she was out of luck.  But then again, she's my real life doll, my only girl and how many more Halloween costumes will I really get to sew for my kids. 
Anyway, last year I never posted the back of Rapunzel's hair where the long braid meets the headband part and a comment was left asking about it, so here it is.  If you want to read last year's post, Rapunzel {and her hair} there's more details there about it all.  Please feel free to ask any questions and I'll try to remember what I did last year.


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