Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Decor 2012

This is the extent of our Halloween decor this year.  These two things.
And the occasional plastic spider ring.
 There is a bin fairly accessible in the storage unit marked Fall/Halloween, but I've decided for now to leave it alone.  Maybe it's 'cause I'd have to pack it up to the third floor and back down and then over to the storage unit again.  Or maybe because it's nice to be simple once in awhile.   I know I'll be getting into the Christmas bin though.   It will be interesting to dejunk after not using so many of our things for so many months when we unpack in the Spring. I am missing some of my recipes & recipe books that were packed up.  You have to understand that when we first started packing up our house we hadn't decided to build a house for sure and thought we might be into a house in just two or three months.  So I am very grateful for all the things I do have access to.  Having access to my sewing stuff is a big one.  And friends who let me borrow mod podge so I don't have to buy another jar of it.
Right now I am weeding vinyl to make about 15 of the framed happy haunting craft for a craft group tonight.  We are also going to sew hooded towels.  It's fun to be creative with friends.

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