Friday, September 14, 2012

Hooded Baby Towel with Bias Trim

I saw this hooded baby towel tutorial on sew can she from just another day in paradise and a blog post (on Sept. 9th)on sew can she that I thought I should give it a try.  Especially since I already had a pink towel on hand that I intended to make as a hooded towel anyway.  It was pretty easy, just took longer than the hooded towels I normally make since making my own bias tape was involved.  I haven't made bias tape for awhile and it was fun to pull out my bias tape maker.  And I cheated and didn't cut my strips out on the bias.  I used a cute little pink, green & blue polka dot print fabric from JoAnn's and a pink towel from Target.
It was hard to get a decent picture, the apartment doesn't have great lighting and it's been overcast the last few days and there aren't any little ones around here to wrap in the towel.  So enjoy the pictures from the tutorial and blog for a better idea.

I also made a hooded towel the way I normally do today and am working on a tutorial to show the way I do it.


Jen S said...

hello! i came to find your tutorial for attaching a hood and found this cute baby towel!! so i almost got one made tonight. it's super fast, will be faster next time. yes, great idea for baby gifts!! ps. posted some things that i've been doing around here... ;)

Jen S said...

ps I have to get me one of those bias makers!! oh my goodness I never knew!! I have made bias tape before, but that would make it so much easier!