Friday, September 14, 2012

Citronille Daisy in Orange Buttercup

The Citronille Daisy shirt pattern.
Yesterday/last night, I made this shirt for K* in a size 6.  I'm so happy with how it turned out.  I was a little worried how it was looking last night as I was finishing it and wondered if it would be comfortable. I quickly slipped it on her this morning before school (I had to know, I couldn't wait until after school to know if it fit and looked okay). It is definitely cuter on a little girl than a hanger (you'll see below).
I bought a few yards of this fun orange small buttercup floral fabric at JoAnn's last week.  You may recognize it from the Brynnberlee Brooke dress I made last week.  I also bought it in pink and blue.  I just love it's sweetness.  And the orange might be my favorite, a color I love for Fall but don't usually wear myself or put Kayley in.  So you'll see several things made from this fabric in those three colors.
Anyway, I came across Citronille patterns while browsing online for sewing inspiration.  I saw a pretty dress made from the Citronille Antonine pattern and while ordering it, decided to get this one as well.  The patterns come from France and the directions are in French (shipping was really fast), but the pattern is simple and the diagrams are great so I was able to figure it all out without much trouble.  They seem to be well drafted & written patterns, I've read online others comparing them to oliver + s patterns (which I love the bedtime story pj's I've previously made).
I almost forgot to mention the alteration I had to the pattern.  If I used the cutting layout in the pattern, my fabric wasn't wide enough to cut everything out on the folds, but it was a more efficient use of the fabric.  So, rather than using a lot more fabric with more "wasted" fabric space,  I decided to make the front & back pattern pieces about an inch smalled in width, which equalled 4 inches total after cutting on the fold.  So, the shirt should be a lot fuller, but I think it is still plenty full the way it ended up. I have no idea if fabric in the US is a different width or what the issue was.


Yes, my kids are both in school, hubby is out of town, soccer practice was cancelled last night, we have no TV, satellite or cable, so I've had plenty of crafty time as you'll see, I made some hooded towels and  started on a hooded towel tutorial today.

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