Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wordle T-shirts

For our family trip to Branson, MO with my DH's family, my SIL made these fun t-shirts.  In mid-July my son had a technology camp at the school for a week.  One of their projects was to design an iron on transfer for a t-shirt using a wordle word cloud.   Wordle is something he has used in the past at school, but I'd never played around with it.  After he came home with his shirt I thought it would be the perfect, easy way to design a t-shirt for our trip.  Only, what was I thinking?  I was getting ready to pack up my house and move.  So, I called my SIL and asked if she would have time to do it.  Luckily, she was able to work on them and shop for the shirts.  Maybe next trip we'll be able to work on some shirts together.
So, we used words to describe Branson and the date and family names to get our wordle word cloud.  I think the shirts were from walmart and target.  She had someone print it on the shirt (after all there were 18 of them to make), but we considered using the silhouette to cut out a stencil, my SIL silk screen printing it on, etc...
I think they turned out fun.  We all wore them the days we went to the amusement park, Silver Dollar City.  It made it nice to just be able to look up and spot where the group of blue shirts was at.

It's fun to match your whole family, right?

Here are our Yellowstone tees from two summers ago.
My sister in Utah kindly cut out navy iron on vinyl with her cricut (this was before I had my own silhouette and cricut). Then, she mailed it all to me and I weeded out the unneeded vinyl and ironed the wording on.

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