Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Arrow of Light Arrow

           My son recently recieved his Arrow of Light in cub scouts.  Another boy was recieving his also, so his mom and I coordinated what the arrows would look like.  Since I was busy moving and then out of town, she did some looking online and came across the idea of wrapping the arrow with different colors of embroidery thread to represent awards the boys had earned while in cub scouts.
Here's where I took my main inspiration from:
The embroidery floos colors I used were (I just picked all of mine up at JoAnn's):
yellow #726 - Bobcat
red #321 - Wolf
gold #729- Gold arrow point 
silver #3024- Silver arrow points
light blue #3325 - Bear
gold #729- Gold arrow point
silver #3024- Silver arrow points
Scout brown #3787 - Webelos activity pins earned before Webelos
darker blue #824 - Webelos
Scout brown #3787 - Webelos activity pins earned after Webelos
gold #729- Academic pins  
silver #3024- Sports pins
purple #550 - Religious award
white- Arrow of Light
black #310 - Color band separators

I highly recommend marking out your spacing on paper beforehad so you can see if everything will fit on the arrow of if you'll need to make adjustments.  I had to adjust my increments to be smaller after mapping it all out on paper.   I ended up using 2mm for the black bands that seperated the other colors; 5/8" for Bobcat, Wolf, Bear and Webelos; 6/16" for the gold arrow points and 1/4" for the silver arrow points; Webelos pins were 1/4"; Academic & sports pins were 5mm; and the Religious award and Arrow of Light were 3/4".  The arrow kit was just the basic one you can buy at the scout shop.  I made the arrow and wrapped it in one day.  If you were on the ball, doing it over two or three days might be a better idea.  It takes a bit of time to put the arrow together, two hands are helpful for some of the steps.  And wrapping the embroidery floss around, and around, and around..... takes some patience.
It was nice though to have a "crafty" project to make with and for my son.  I make some many girl things for my daughter sewing and craft wise, it was nice to have something to make for S* that he might actually think is cool and appreciate a little bit.
Now to figure out a way to display it.  I pinned a few ideas on pinterest.  I've asked my SIL to cut some wood out in the shape of the arrow of light emblem, so we'll see what I end up deciding to do.

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LEGS said...

Thank you SOOO much for this info! I am a new Cub Committee Chair in a pack with a VERY lame advancement. I really wanted to do something special for these boys-they have worked so hard, and it was a very anti-climatic event. This will help make it a night for them to remember!