Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful leaves banner

I saw the idea for this thankful leaves banner on Carina Gardner's site a few days ago.  Today, I sat down and made it with the kids before lunch after making Indian headbands with paper feathers.  I cut the leaves out by hand out of yellow, golden yellow, orange and red card stock using the template Carina provides.  It didn't take long to make. K* was taking her time writing on her first leaf and S* was busy in the living room, so I just cut them out myself.  And I just happened to have a stash of mini clothespins in my crafty supplies to use to hang the leaves up.  We decided to hang it in the window in the kitchen.  I figure we haven't been doing it all of November, but a few days the week of Thanksgiving break will still be fun.  I'm glad we sat down and did it this morning.

Some links to other fun thankful ideas I thought about doing, but never got around to.  A thankkful board. A thankful tree.  Another thankful tree. And another tree.  Some sort of thankful turkey would be a cute idea too!

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