Friday, May 27, 2011

Framed Crayon Monogram

While browsing blogland for teacher gift ideas, I came across this one here using crayons and knew I had to make it for K* preschool teachers.
I ran out to the store while both kids were at school and found black frames on sale at Hobby Lobby and bought crayons at target in case I didn't have enough at home in my stash. I printed the S and M in like 450 size font and lightly traced them with a pencil onto the textured card stock we were using. I used a knife and scissors to cut the crayon tips off, mainly the knife I think. If I scored one side a bit and then rotated the crayon, it cut pretty cleanly. I used tacky glue so that K* could help, I read on some blogs that they used hot glue. I maybe should have used hot glue, after 15 hours+ ours weren't dry yet. Must be the humid climate we live in. Some letters of the alphabet are definitely more crayon monogram friendly. I used my silhouette to cut the teacher's names out of black vinyl with the font pea kels bells.

I had planned to make marker vases for some mini carnations that K* picked out at the store, but I didn't have enough markers or colored pencils or crayons for obvious reasons (and didn't want to run back to the store). The plan was to use a rubber band and some ribbon to hold the markers around a small glass vase. Then, they could use the markers next year. Luckily, I remembered these plastic craft paint cans I bought at Michael's last year and never used. I cut the pretty designs out of vinyl meant to look like etched glass with my silhouette. This is the first time I've used this kind of vinyl and I really like how it looks. I may be putting snowflakes on every window and mirror at Christmastime this year. It was hard to get a good picture though. Hopefully, her teachers will have some use for a plastic paint can.
The finished product!

Funny comment: When my son, S*, came home from school and saw what we were doing, he exclaimed, "That's the biggest waste of crayons ever!!". I thought it was pretty funny. And since when is he worried about "wasting" something? Kids are fun.

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