Friday, May 27, 2011

5 Turning Twenty Quilts

For the five graduating seniors in our church's YW youth group, we made them each a quilt. The pattern is the original turning twenty quilt pattern. We used the 16 block size, which is 4 blocks by 4 blocks. Earlier in the year, we asked for ladies to donate fabrics from their stashes that they no longer wanted to get us started. Then, we bought some fabrics to coordinate with and supplement the fabrics that were donated while trying to work the quilts into the colors the mothers told us their daughters liked. Five quilt groups were formed and each group worked on a quilt top. My friend E* and I worked on the purple & black quilt top. We spent a few hours cutting & sewing and got it done in one night after the kids were in bed. Then, I collected the quilt tops and bought the backing and binding fabrics. I spent two days doing a lot of sewing. K* was my little safety pin helper while making the quilt sandwiches. I machine bound them using a feather stitch. This was my second time machine binding & it worked out pretty good in general. I think I'm just a little bit too picky sometimes and this was good for me to do with a time constraint and realize that it was good enough and didn't have to be perfect. On Tuesday evening, we met as a group and finished the quilts up by tying them and then presented them to the graduating girls. It was a lot of fun, and I think the girls really liked their quilts. Thanks to those that helped out in any way!

This is the other quilt, she wasn't able to make it that night.

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Jen S said...

K, those quilts are beautiful. Nice work! I was sad becuz my group did our quilt top without me and for some reason I couldn't make it to that enrichment. I think it was kate's b'day. But those are gorgeous and I know the girls will keep them and love them!