Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dorothy & Tin Man

This year K* is Dorothy and S* is the Tin Man.
Pattern: McCall's 6313
(size 7, I lined the skirt and the buttons are just for looks)
Fabric from JoAnn's
Ruby slippers ($11) & Toto in basket ($7) from Gymboree
Socks from Target
It was easier to just wear a white t-shirt than make one.
For Halloween, we'll do low pony tails with bows.  It's been raining all day, so K* and I ran outside on the porch really quick to try and get a shot or two this afternoon.
Hopefully I'll get a picture of them together tomorrow.

Tin Man
The Tin Man has been very busy in the evenings this week and was available for a few quick poses right before bed tonight, which was later than it should have been (again).
Spray painted a funnel from Walmart ($1) silver.
Long sleeve tee from Walmart too.
Gray flannel and red felt from JoAnn's.
He'll probably just wear jeans with it for Halloween.

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