Tuesday, September 17, 2013


We moved into our house in August, so I haven't been up to many crafty projects.  I have been painting ceilings and walls along with unpacking, cleaning, and organizing (or at least I've been trying to do those things most days).  I started out by painting the ceilings white in the laundry room and two bedrooms.  Not my favorite painting task I must say, in fact I may never paint another ceiling or it will be a really long time before I do again. 

Homestead Resort Antique Lace
The laundry room is a light, happy, creamy, sunny yellow.  I think it looks nice against the blue of my washer & dryer and the cabinets.  It was hard to get an accurate picture of the color it really is, but this is as close as I could get.  I used a Lowe's Valspar color but in Behr paint & primer (flat), I barely had enough with a gallon.  I actually painted the laundry room ceiling and started on the walls the day after we closed.  I ended up only painting the walls where the washer and dryer would be before moving in as I had a limited amount of time to do a million things.

For my son's room we went with light blue walls and a darker blue wall with a red stripe.  My son helped with picking out the colors, we both thought the light blue would be grayer than it is, but oh well, he likes it.  I knew tape wouldn't keep the red from bleeding onto the blue, so I used a level and pencil to draw the lines for the stripe and painted it with a paint brush (two coats).  The light blue was Lowe's Valspar signature paint & primer in flat and the blue and red were Lowe's Valspar ultra paint & primer also in flat.  The ultra is a bit less $$ and I think I like it just fine compared to the signature.  The red is a little less red than it appears in this photo.
Light Blue: Ghost ship
Blue: Lost Atlantis
Red: Pedicure at Lunch
(I didn't tell him the name of the red paint, I didn't want to pick out colors based on the name 'cause ghost ship and lost Atlantis sound pretty awesome to a twelve year old)
For my daughter's room, I made it easy on myself to pick colors and just went with the four that were in the Sherwin-Williams Enchant color collection.  They also happen to match her comforter and other things we already have quite nicely.  I ran out of light pink paint and had to buy another gallon of it and a quart didn't quite make it for the darker pink, so another quart of it too.  Grrr. I still need to add some molding between each stripe, but this is what it looks like so far.  I used Lowe's ultra paint & primer for all the colors.  Again, I tried to get a photo that came close to showing the true colors, but this is off just a little bit.
Light Pink: White Dogwood
Dark Pink: Lotus Flower
Blue: Frostwork
Green: Shagreen

So far, I've been good about painting a paint stir stick with each color in our house so that if I need a sample to take to the store to match something to I easily can.
Kwal colors painted by the builder include:
All over: Crisp Khaki
Dining Room: The Loft (green)
Trim: Pure Snow
Group 1: Homestead Resort Antique Lace, The Loft, Crisp Khaki
Group 2: Pedicure at Lunch, Lost Atlantis, Ghost Ship
Group 3: Pure Snow, White Dogwood, Frostwork, Shagreen, Lotus Flower

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