Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sedona & Prairie Cream Chop

 St. Thomas Country Manor
Brick: Acme Sedona with white mortar
Stone: Prairie Cream Chop with white mortar
Paint Colors: Fossil Stone {trim} & Dusty Trail {body}
Stain on Louvres & Columns: English Chestnut
Door Style: Harvard Mahogany in English Chestnut Stain
When making selections for the exterior of the house, I appreciated the few pictures online that others posted giving me a basic idea of what something might look like, so I thought I'd do the same.  We spent hours driving around looking at addresses with brick and stone we were considering.
We are very happy with how all the exterior elements look together.
We did wonder about staining the columns and louvres or leaving them natural.  We decided to have them stained and really like them stained.
We also wondered about the garage doors being the "darker" exterior paint color.  At first they were painted fossil stone, and we liked it.  But we had planned on them being dusty trail, so we had another choice to make.   I think they'd look nice either color, in the end we had them painted dusty trail.


And we do not recommend working with TBI Mortgage, they have caused a nightmare for us.


rach e said...

Just wanted to say great color choices! I liked the sedona brick and prairie cream chop combo too.

ckwarr said...

Thank you!