Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Activity Days: To Do Jars

We made" to do" jars back in the Fall of 2012 for activity days, but I just got around to finishing some for S* & K* in January.  I hope that they are sort of a "fun" way to mark off chores for the day, but I know they can't cover it all {so I have something else new for chores too}.  I think these "to do" jars might be better suited for the summer when there's no homework and less activities going on.  They would be great for drawing extra chores for extra $$, I'm bored ideas, or fun activities to do.  There are all sorts of ideas for craft stick to do jars on pinterest.  The website I came across first with the idea was cinnaberry suite.
For activity days, we used a rainbow of colors of scrapbook paper, Elmer's glue, mason jars and markers to write the to do's on the craft sticks.  The girls just traced the craft sticks onto squares of paper I had cut out ahead of time {so that everyone got the exact same colors and amount}, cut the paper out and glued it on before writing some "to do's" on them.  We also glued cute white ribbon with multi colored polka dots around the jar to make it cuter.
For my kids' to do jars, I used the same rainbow colors of paper and vinyl for the "to do's"{pea faith dots font}so that if I want to change them, I can just peel the words off.  I hope my kids don't pick at them though.....

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