Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Interview 2013

After seeing several pins on pinterest about New Year's Interviews, I decided to quickly type one up for S* & K*, pulling from all the various ones I had looked at.  Nothing cutesy or fancy, just a word document that will be easy to use each year with minimal changes.
At four pages, it may initially seem long, but my kids are old enough I think to handle it.  So, as well as some fun questions and questions that will show how their likes change or stay the same year after year, there are also more thoughtful questions that I look forward to reading and remembering what really meant the most to them over the year as they think back on how things were from their perspective.  It may or may not also be my way of making a "cliff notes" version of 2012 as it was kind of big deal to sell our house of 12 years and I haven't been so great at keeping up with journals.
I already found out S* would change his name to Bob and K* would go by Anna.

I also plan to do a 52+ reasons jar for my DH as a Christmas gift in 12 months.  Once a week, I will write down something that I love about him or that I noticed he did for me.  I love the idea of 365 reasons, but I'm trying to be realistic and don't want to set myself up for failure.  Once a week seems more doable, but the + can be for those times when I'm on the ball and write more often.  I don't have a jar or container at this point in time, so it's an envelope for now.
And this may seem ambitious to go along with the above two items (the New Year's interviews are about 95% complete though), but I plan to do a family memory jar for the year also to read on New Year's Eve 2013 as a family.  I think it will be fun to write down big things, little things, blessings, sweet things, silly things and whatever else my little family decides to include in the jar throughout the year.
 I see both of these ideas as a way for me to focus more on the positive, little things in life throughout the year, especially when it comes to family and the things we experience together.  And hopefully my family will too.  I really like the idea of having a memory jar each year with a picture on a shelf somewhere.  And, no looking back wishing I would have started or done something in years past when the kids were younger. 

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