Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Serger & Craft Table

I must have been mostly good last year, because for Christmas Santa brought me a serger and a craft table.  The craft table fits nicely in my bedroom under the window.  I'm excited to have a serger to add finished seams to my projects.  I love having my own spot where I can leave my project of the day out and not have to clear it off the table when it's time for dinner.  I also like that I can look out the window at my backyard while sewing.  I have been good so far about not leaving it a complete mess each night, as I do end up stacking some of the pillows off of the bed on it.  And the craft table has a storage spot for my sewing machine.  I keep the serger in the large armoire to the right of the table along with most of my other sewing and craft supplies (fabric lives under the bed in bins, so it's easy to get to too).  It's also nice to use my silhouette on since it is right by the computer desk too (I used to just set it up on the floor when I wanted to use it).

The door opens out and then there's a leaf that swings up to sit on the door and it lengthens my workspace.  There's not quite enough room with where the computer is now, but when I want to use it I just slide it out from the window at an angle and it works out.  If we move the computer upc to the other side of the desk, then there will be plenty of room.

Last night, I threaded the serger with white thread and used it on a real project finally, a fabric strip skirt I'm making for K*.  I had been playing with the settings a little on scraps using the colored thread it came threaded with. 

Sauder sewing/craft cart

My sewing machine is also a brother (XL-6562), my mom bought it for me when Sam was one and I wanted to sew him a dinosaur costume for Halloween.  Nothing fancy about it, but it does everything I need. (Thanks Mom!)

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