Friday, December 26, 2014

Fall Activity Day Crafts

After General Conference, we had the girls each prepare to briefly share about their favorite thought or talk from Conference.  We ate treats and munched on popcorn to help them feel more comfortable and then decorated this quote from President Uchtdorf.

In November, we made thankful trees.  Each day until Thanksgiving they were to write on a leaf something they are thankful for and glue it on the tree.
We also did this in our family and my kids loved it!

I used my silhouette to cut out all the flowers, leaves, and tree trunks. 
The tree trunks are two trunks slid together and held with tape; one trunk with a small slit a couple of inches long from the top and the other trunk has a slit starting a couple of inches down from the top and goes to the bottom {that probably doesn't really make sense typed out, does it}.

Other activities we've had over the last few months:

Physical fitness activity with several stations of physical things to do as well as a discussion about being healthy and safe when exercising, stretching, cooling down, etc...
Examples of some stations: dribbling basketball, shooting basketball, jumping jacks, jumping rope, sit ups, push ups, planks, dribbling a soccer ball around a cone and back, lunges, moguls/ jumping the line, etc...

The other leader and her husband built frames and stapled chicken wire to them so that the girls could paint them.  We gave them a few small clothes pins to hang pictures & notes on them.  Sure wish I would have thought to take a picture.

Our Christmas activity was watching the movie Christmas Oranges (the movie showing the illustrations from the book) and bringing treats to share and eat while watching it.  After that we had an ornament exchange {under $3) and read right/left stories to pass the ornaments around the circle.

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