Thursday, May 15, 2014

Kyoko in Blossom

For K*’s Easter dress this year, I used some fabric I’ve had in my stash for a few years and ModKid’s Kyoko pattern.
A pattern I’ve had for several years and am just now getting around to making.  Why did I wait so long!  I LOVE it!!  I think I’ll try and make a top for K* soon.
The main fabric is Blossom from Annette Tatum’s Little House Collection for Free Spirit.  The solid pink fabrics and ribbon are from JoAnn’s.  I made a size 7, K* is 8 1/2.
Changes I made:
The skirt is a little fuller than the pattern calls for, basically two widths of fabric and an inch or two longer.
The sleeves are shorter.
I lined both the bodice and skirt and attached some tulle to the skirt lining to add to the fullness {and twirling fun}.
The ribbon ties are also longer.

This picture is actually an iPhone pic from Easter day.
We’ve been super busy after school each day since I finished it, so I finally just took a few pictures quickly after church today {Mother’s Day}, nothing fancy like the birthday party dress, and called it good.

This iPhone picture is from the day I finished it. The dress was done on Friday before Easter.  Saturday morning I finished the sash, so this was the first look at it all done on K*.  It was the day before Easter, but somehow since the sash was all I had to sew that morning, I felt like it wasn’t the last minute like many projects end up being.


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